Why Health Care Administration?

Graduates of the Health Care Administration program work in a variety of inpatient, ambulatory and other health care settings, including primary care facilities, medical group practices, public health organizations, health insurance companies, federal, state and local agencies, and alternative delivery organizations. Students also pursue graduate degrees in a broad range of fields, including public health, law, medicine, business administration, and health services research.

The Health Care Administration curriculum combines excellent preparation for a professional career with a firm grounding in the liberal arts. The internship experience provides students an opportunity to apply new skills, anticipate learning needs, and clarify personal career goals.

The Bachelor of Science program in Health Care Administration is certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). AUPHA certification reflects the strength, productivity and commitment of our faculty and the achievements of our graduates.

Program Information



The overall mission of the Health Administration Program is to prepare our students, who are primarily part-time working adults, to become culturally competent health care leaders in health administration who will contribute to the knowledge base of health care delivery and advocates for fairness and equity in health among diverse populations.

Admission & Application

If you meet the following admission requirements, you are guaranteed admittance to the ONLINE BS in Health Care Administration program.

Complete the BS in Health Care Administration Application to apply now (you will be notified through your UM-Flint email once your application has been reviewed).

Admission Requirements:

A cumulative GPA of a least 2.7 (B-) in the following courses or their transfer equivalents, with no grade lower than C (2.0):

  • CIS 128 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems I (3)
  • ECN 202 - Principles of Economics (Microeconomics) (3)
  • HCR 201 - Introduction to Health Careers (1)
  • HCR 300 - Health Care in the United States (3)

One from:

  • ENG 112 - Critical Writing and Reading (3)
  • EHS 120 - Ecology of Teaching and Social Work (3)

One from:

  • PHL 162 - Introduction to Ethics (3)
  • PHL 168 - Philosophy of Bioethics (3)

One of:

  • MTH 090 - Intermediate Algebra (3). , with a grade of C (2.0) or better
  • Placement into MTH 111 or a higher-level MTH course