Why UM-Flint


The demand for health care is increasing, making the training of empathetic, ethical, and effective health care administrators a top priority. UM-Flint students receive a world-class education that results in professional success, personal advancement, and patient well-being.


The program’s online format accommodates the learning styles and schedules of today’s busy students — whether those students are starting as freshmen or taking advantage of transferable credits earned at another institution. This program is also available in a traditional, face-to-face format.


This program offers year-round enrollment opportunities, a dedicated in-house advising staff, an internship coordinator, and faculty experts who have made mentoring core to their approach as University of Michigan educators.

Next steps for freshmen

Next steps for transfer students

Health Care Administration Program (BS)

The UM-Flint Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program is offered fully online.

Admission is guaranteed upon successful completion of the following prerequisites.

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  • A cumulative GPA of a least 2.7 (B-) in the following courses or their transfer equivalents, with no grade lower than C (2.0):
  • CIS 128 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems I (3)
  • ECN 202 - Principles of Economics (Microeconomics) (3)
  • HCR 201 - Introduction to Health Careers (1)
  • SOC 100 - Introduction to Sociology (3)
  • One from:

ENG 112 - Critical Writing and Reading (3)

EHS 120 - Ecology of Teaching and Social Work (3)

  • One from:

PHL 162 - Introduction to Ethics (3)

PHL 168 - Philosophy of Bioethics (3)

  • One of:

MTH 090 - Intermediate Algebra (3) , with a grade of C (2.0) or better

Placement into MTH 111 or a higher-level MTH course.


CLICK HERE to apply to the BS in Health Care Administration program once you complete all of the prerequisites.