Pool and Spa Policies

View of the pool enclosure


  • State Law requires that each person must shower before entering the pool. You may not enter the water wearing a bandage, with an open sore, or any type of skin infection. Proper swim attire of modest cut and design must be worn for admittance into the pool or spa enclosure. No thongs, jeans, cut-offs or dirty apparel are permitted. Swim caps are not required.
  • Street shoes are not allowed to be worn in the pool enclosure (unless performing official duties), and no food or beverages are allowed.
  • Swim in the designated area for your skill or activity. You must be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping in order to swim in the deep end. Swim gear or equipment are allowed in the general activity areas, only if room permits. Permission will be determined by the lifeguard.
  • Do not sit, hang or play on the lane markers. Running or rough play is not allowed. No diving of any kind is permitted. Flips, cartwheels, backdives, etc. are also prohibited.
  • All children under the age of 13 must be directly supervised by a parent or sponsor while in the pool area. If a child can swim (as determined by the lifeguard), the parent may supervise from the deck if desired. If the shallowest water level is more than chest high, children must be accompanied in the water by a parent or sponsor who is able to swim.


Coast Guard-approved flotation devices only.


The lifeguard is authorized to direct swimmers to appropriate areas of the pool according to the swimmer’s ability.

If you stop between lengths, sit on the edge of the pool to avoid congestion at the ends of the lanes. Swim in the direction of the arrows as posted, and stay as close to the side of the lane as possible. Be continually observant and considerate of those swimming near you.

Spa photo


In addition to the general pool guidelines above, the following rules must be adhered to for the safety of all patrons wishing to utilize the spa:

  • State Law requires that each person shower before entering the spa.
  • For their personal safety and well-being, children age 12 and younger are not allowed to use the whirlpool spa. Youths ages 13 - 17 must be accompanied by their parent/sponsor who must remain in the spa enclosure.
  • The whirlpool spa is designed for persons who wish to sit and relax. Swimming, diving, dunking, splashing, etc. are not allowed. Sitting, standing, or walking on top of the tub is prohibited.
  • If the chemical and/or temperature level do not meet the standard requirements established for operation and usage, or if there are mechanical problems, the spa will be closed for the period necessary to correct conditions. No memberships will be prorated for this reason.


  • A dry-heat sauna is located in both the male and female pool locker room.  Please check out a key at the front desk for entry to the appropriate locker room.
  • Do not apply water, oil, or any other substance to the heating element or rocks in the sauna.
  • For their personal safety and well-being, children age 12 and younger are not allowed to use the saunas. Youths ages 13 - 17 must be accompanied by their parent/sponsor while in the sauna.