Reservation Inquiry

Reservation Guidelines

Student Organizations

Registered UM-Flint Voluntary Student Orgs and Sponsored Student Orgs can reserve space in the Recreation Center during regular business hours, free of charge.  Please note that COVID capacity restrictions are in place for all spaces.  There are three categories for reservations:

  1. Special Events: see deadlines listed on the above reservation inquiry form.
  2. Meetings/Small Scale Activities: Club officers may request space for meetings or small group activities in the Activities Room, Aerobics Dance Room, Room 11 & Upper Level Fitness Room at least 24 hours in advance but no more than two weeks in advance. 

Read our student org event policies here. Note: Long term, recurring reservations are not available for VSOs.

University Departments

University Departments are also able to reserve space in the Recreation Center.  Fees may apply. 

General Public

The University has special stipulations for event insurance and supervision when a non-affiliate hosts an event on campus.  These requirements vary depending on the scope and specifics of your event. Specific requirements for events with minors can be found here, which require a reservation request to be submitted at leat 8 weeks in advance.  Reservation and staffing fees apply.