Kuhmute Escooters

The University of Michigan-Flint has granted a one-year license to Kuhmute, Inc. to pilot the placement of smart charging hubs and escooters on campus. Initially, there will be four smart charging hub locations—William S. White Building, University Pavilion, Riverfront Center and First Street Residence Hall. The Recreation Center may become a hub site after the Murchie Science Building expansion project is compete. Other locations for hubs may be considered. In addition to escooters, the smart charging hubs can also accommodate ebikes and eskateboards.

Additional charging hubs can be found near campus in the surrounding downtown area and on the campus of Kettering University. See Kuhmute’s website for more information. Kuhmute was co-founded in 2018 by Kettering University graduates Peter Deppe, with a degree in electrical and electronics, and Scott Spitler, with a degree in computer science. Kuhmute plans to also make ebikes available from transportation.

UM-Flint supports sustainable and healthy transportation options with the hope that e-scooters are not used as a replacement for walking or biking.


• Reduces traffic congestion and the need to drive on campus

• Ability to better connect campus with other downtown areas as an option for inter-day travel

• Valuable data can be collected that can help inform future campus transportation decisions

A smart-phone will be needed to access the escooters and users will be charged to unlock the scooter and travel to their destination. Kuhmute apps are available for both iPhone and Android.


While the scooters may be a convenient and fun way to get around, the safety and security of our community is our number one priority.

• Wearing a helmet – Wearing a helmet is recommended.

• Face covers – Are required while traveling on UM-Flint campus during COVID-19.

• Disinfecting - Use hand sanitizer before and after riding and disinfectant wipes if available.


Riding – Riding on sidewalks is not permitted. Campus “no-ride” zones will be established by geo-fence – these will be in areas with high pedestrian traffic such as the center of campus.

Know the Law - Per the State Motor Vehicle Code, motorized scooters may not be operated in bike lanes, but they may be operated on the road closest to the right curb as is possible. Per UM Regent’s ordinances, it’s unlawful to operate escooters or any other motorized vehicle on sidewalks—it endangers pedestrians.

Parking – Scooters must be parked at a charging hub and not interfering with the public right-of-way. Financial incentives apply. Do not leave the scooters parked on the roads, sidewalks, bike paths, driveways, access ramps, stairways, landscaped areas, near fire hydrants, etc. Walk the scooter to the hub if you must traverse a sidewalk.

Recklessness - Never operate an escooters or any other motorized vehicle recklessly. This includes having more than one rider on an escooter while in operation, weaving in and around pedestrians and/or vehicles, and using the escooter in any manner in which it was not intended.

Under the Influence - Never operate an escooters or any other motorized vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Besides being dangerous, operating while impaired can result in an arrest and charge for operating under the influence.

We strive as a community to ensure safe modes of transportation for everyone involved: drivers, riders, and pedestrians. Let’s work together to make our roads and sidewalks safe for everyone.


1. Download the KUHMUTE mobile app (Get it on Google Play -OR- Download on the App Store)

2. Fill out profile & payment information

3. Find a scooter to scan the QR code

4. Unlock & ride

5. End ride by parking at any KUHMUTE hub

6. Click “end ride”

FEES: $1.50* Unlock & $0.25/minute

*The unlock fee is waived if the scooter (or bike) is returned and locked back into a charging hub


“On behalf of Student Government’s Bhardwaj-Odira administration 2019-2020, I am proud to present the realization of a vision for a creative and cheaper transportation option on campus for UM-Flint students. SG continues the history of bringing such opportunities for the benefit of students like the app for the DPS Safe Ride program. Students enrolled at Mott, Kettering, Factory Two, etc. and students living on- or near-campus wanting to commute will have a cheaper and fun opportunity with escooters. I look forward to the best use of this modern technology on campus and wish everyone a safe ride!”

Nickxit Bhardwaj

Student Body President 2019-2020 | Student Government