Spirit & Traditions Walk

Friday, September 6, 2019

2-3pm | Multiple Locations (see map below)

As a part of Wolverine Welcome, University of Michigan-Flint spirit & traditions can be explored through these brief pop-up stations across campus.  Head to each station for a small giveaway item to remember it by!  Check out the full Wolverine Welcome schedule & register here.

Snap. Post. Repeat.

Stop by each location to learn about a campus tradition, snap a picture, and then post it on your social media account using #UMFlint.  The more stops you visit, the more giveaways you earn!

New to campus?  Open the map in your Google maps app (by tapping the expand icon in the upper right corner of the map) for easy navigation.

Station 1: Fingerprint Mosaic

The University of Michigan-Flint focuses on three main vaules or "pillars": Academic Excellence, Student Centeredness & Engaged Citizenship.  These are displayed as part of an eye catching, colorful mosaic entitled "One individual can make a world of difference" that was commissioned for our 50th anniversary.  The fingerprint design is actually made up of thousands of fingerprint tiles, each one signed by its owner.  The Fingerprint Mosaic is located just outside the Library & Theater buildings.  More information can be found on the artist's website.

Station 2: French Hall Painting Kiosk

Make your mark on campus (literally) with a maize or blue signature at the painting kiosk near the river side of French Hall.  There are four kiosks in total, any of which can be painted without reservation by members of the campus community.  Two rules apply: leave someone's art for at least 48 hours before painting over it & keep it clean (the area around, as well as the art)!

Station 3: McKinnon Plaza Seal

While students in Ann Arbor avoid crossing their M seal (for fear of bad luck), the seal here in Flint is said to do the exact opposite!  Touch the seal in McKinnon Plaza before your first exam each year, and it's said to bring you good luck.  Located on the raised "stage" area of the Plaza, the copper seal was installed in 1990 by the U of M Club of Greater Flint.

Station 4: Flint Gateway

Walking from McKinnon Plaza, under the University Center second floor, this unique circle arch frames the Flint River and the White Building across the way.  This serves as our gateway to the city and county, as the path beneath the arch opens up onto the 17 mile-long Flint River Trail.