Once you receive the Project Award Notice (PAN) from ORSP and the Project/Grant number has been established, there are several things an administrator should check and periodically watch for during the reconciling process:

  • Review the budget so you know what to expect—compare to M-Reports for accuracy
  • Discuss salaries with PI (who will be paid, when, how much was budgeted); prepare submittals as appropriate, make note of future appointments (summer salaries, etc.) and set up reminders
  • Be aware of any purchases or payments that will be over $10,000 (consultants, equipment, etc.) and plan for the bid process through procurement services
  • Watch for monitored or restricted expenses on the account (general supplies, hosting, etc.) and resolve unallowable charges promptly
  • For federal funds with travel, be sure to comply with the Fly America Act which mandates that U.S.-certificated air carriers must be used for foreign air travel funded by Federal dollars
  • If there is cost sharing, discuss with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs on how the funding is to be handled
  • Reconcile regularly and correct errors on a timely basis (within 120 days)
  • Watch for overspending!  Departments are responsible for covering any deficits on their accounts.
  • Watch for underspending! It could be a sign that some expenses are charged to the wrong account or that an appointment has not been set up.
  • Be aware of the end date; stop spending & remove all HR appointments