M-Reports for Monitoring Grants

Login to M-Reports

To access the M-Reports module, go to and follow the path Faculty & Staff > University Business > Reporting > M-Reports. 

Login to M-Reports

Find Project/Grants in Your Department

When you get to the M-Reports Welcome page, click the "Research" tab at the top.
(If you don't see this tab, you may need to request access via the Online Access Request page. Use the Role Selection Tool to request the M-Reports "ProjectGrantReports" role.)

Once you are in M-Reports, the blue box at the left shows a list of Projects (click the + to expand if you don’t see the list.) 
Select the first item “Summary of Projects.” From the drop-down box next to “Find:” select “P/G Department.”
Then click the + next to “Flint Campus” to expand the department list.
Repeat this step to expand the list for the school/college until you find the dept ID you are looking for.

When you find your dept ID, click and hold, then drag it over to the right and drop where it says “Drag and Drop Departments Here.”  You can select as many departments as you need. Once you have all the departments you want to look at, click the “Refresh” button at the top. This will give you a list of all the project/grants under the department ID(s) that you selected.  Notice there are two tabs that you can switch between: “Sponsored P/Gs” and “UM-Funded/Gifts/Other P/Gs.” 

To view the details for a specific account, click on the project/grant number.  On the next page, open the + next to “Show/Hide Balance Details” (above the blue and yellow columns.)  Then you should see three yellow columns: Budget, Expended, and Official Balance.

Review the Information

Now that you have reached the current account information, the following are several things you can do to review and verify the numbers:

  • Compare the yellow “Budget” column to the budget in your Project Award Notice; they should match.
  • Click on any dollar amount in the “Expended” column. This allows you to drill down by fiscal year and accounting period to see the details at the individual transaction level.
  • Review the “Expended since last month closed” column by clicking on an amount and drilling down. This shows you items that have hit the statement in the current month.
  • Click on dollar amounts in the commitments sections. Drill down to review correctness of appointments and other pending expenditures. Commitments are projected expenses that have not yet hit the account but are showing in the system as future expenses.
  • Review the “Projected Balance” which is the amount that will be remaining after all current month’s expenditures + all commitments have hit the account.