Who are you paying?  Here are the things that you need to consider when paying people from a grant account.

Employee payments

A regular employee is a faculty or staff member whose employment is either full or part-time and is reasonably expected to continue indefinitely. Examples would be the project director and other UM faculty or researchers, support staff, GSRAs, post-docs, and temporary employees.

Except in rare circumstances, payments to regular employees from sponsored funds must be done via the DBE appointment process to be in compliance with effort reporting.  Often for U-year faculty these payments are in the form of summer salary, but sometimes faculty will have effort during the academic year. In this case they may receive a course release or course buyout, which must be pre-approved by the department and college.  Faculty with 12-month appointments do not receive summer salary and must be paid as part of their regular appointment.  Special stipends, additional pay, added duties, and other earnings codes that signify premium payments are not associated with effort and therefore are not allowed on sponsored projects.

It is recommended that you contact Human Resources before setting up a new appointment. Special considerations may need to be addressed for LEO appointments, new positions, and temporary appointments.

UM's Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment policy requires an employee's home department to sign off on all salary commitments.

Student payments

Payments to students that are not associated with employment (such as research stipends) or any other type of student support paid from sponsored funds (e.g. housing, travel, etc.) must be processed through the Office of Financial Aid.

Non-employee payments

Examples of payments to non-employees would be those for outside consultants or workshop participants, and are almost always done via the PeoplePay module. An ePro Requisition is required whenever an individual will be paid $5000 or more in any calendar year, or when paying independent contractors.

Human subjects

Sometimes research subjects are paid an incentive fee for their participation in a study. These payments must be processed through the Human Subjects Incentives Program. To request HSIP payments, complete contact

If you are unsure which process or type of payment to use, a good place to start is the PeoplePay Navigator.