Managing Awarded Projects

“Post-Award” comprises everything that happens to administer a research project, following the official award being received.  This includes adhering to your reporting milestones, steadily spending your budget, monitoring subcontracts, hiring students, or managing the absence of a project team member.

The following information is intended to provide guidance and assist units in effectively managing research grants and other sponsored projects with their departments.

Once a project is awarded the best practice is to meet with your research administrator to review the award details. Please contact to setup a meeting.

Post-award Administration

Each department is responsible for tracking sponsored project accounts and will be required to cover any expenditures not consistent with University policies and/or sponsor guidelines. The Project Director has primary responsibility for all activity on the account, but staff of the departments and schools/colleges also share responsibility for the use of sponsored funds.  Administrators should monitor spending for compliance with University and sponsor guidelines. 

Grant Accounting

Grant accounts should be reconciled regularly to ensure that spending is occurring and that all transactions on the Statement of Activity (SOA) are correct and applicable to the project. It is important to note that the SOA does not show the true account balance for sponsored funds because it is based on expenses booked against revenue. Sponsored projects generally do not receive revenue until the sponsor has been invoiced for charges, which often occurs only quarterly. Therefore, grant expenses are booked against the project budget, and the actual account balances are reported in the Project Grant Budget Status Report.

Sponsor Payments & Reporting

Sponsors are invoiced by the Accounts Receivable area based on expenses shown on the SOA. If there are no charges to the grant account, the sponsor will not be billed. Occasionally a sponsor will mail their payment or request for financial reports to the PI or the department. Sponsor checks and requests for financial reports should immediately be forwarded to our office to ensure correct processing through Sponsored Programs in compliance with University procedures.

Review the Ann Arbor-ORSP site for a list of important considerations of project management.

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Post Award Checklist

Once you receive the Project Award Notice (PAN) from ORSP and the Project/Grant number has been established, there are several things an administrator checks periodically during the reconciling process.

M-Reports for Monitoring Grants

You will be able to use M-Reports on wolverine access to monitor grant spending activity.

Paying People from Sponsored Projects

People who may need to be paid from a grant account include the Project Director (PI) and other participating faculty, graduate research assistants (GSRAs), post-docs and other researchers, project and support staff, human subjects, consultants, student temps, and workshop participants.

Effort Reporting

Faculty may have effort on--and part of their salary paid by--sponsored grant accounts during one or both semesters of the academic year, or over the summer. GSRAs, student temps, and even staff members may also sometimes have effort on sponsored projects.

Release Time and Course Buyouts

The 9-month base salary for tenured and tenure-track faculty members is paid out over twelve months. However, the terms “course release” or "buy out" apply to teaching load during the academic year only (a course release during the summer is actually summer salary).   Paying for research time.