Pre-Award covers anything related to a proposal’s creation and submission, prior to any notice of award.  The following items provide basic guidance about resources and tools available to assist in proposal submission.

Proposal Preparation

Budgeting / Costs
This page contains a variety of information on budgeting various types of proposals.

Using eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)

Unfunded Agreement (UFA) Defines the UFA and provides guidance on how it is handled in eRPM.

Proposal Approval Form (PAF) Describes the PAF, provides links to training on how to prepare one in eRPM.

Proposal Routing
Proposal Review Checklists
A 'checklist' that can be used to verify the completeness of the documents required in a grant application prior to routing the proposal.

Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
UM-Flint Office of Research provides an initial review and approval. Final review of proposals is performed in Ann Arbor.  Central ORSP's website contains additional tools and resources to assist you.