About the Journal of Student Research

The University of Michigan-Flint Journal of Student Research is specifically designed to offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to experience the manuscript submission and review process. Students who participate in the UM-Flint Student Research Conference (SRC) as presenters are invited to submit a written version of their presentation for publication in the journal for that year. This volume presents papers from the 2nd conference held at the University of Michigan-Flint campus in April, 2012.

This publication includes a series of scholarly articles representing were composed by undergraduate and graduate students, written with the assistance of a faculty mentor. These manuscripts represent a strong personal commitment of the students and faculty members toward research and creative endeavors.

Manuscript Guidelines: Students’ papers are submitted in Microsoft Word. The text of all manuscripts are no more than 15-20 double-spaced pages, typed in a 10-12 point font size with one-inch margins. The instructions for preparing the manuscript are provided by the event coordinators. “Permission to Publish” and “Faculty Mentor Approval” forms are included with each manuscript. The SRC Committee reviews the submissions for documentation and compliance with manuscript guidelines. The authors are ultimately responsible for the content, information, and any interpretation within the manuscripts.

Student Research Conference Planning Committee

Mary Deibis, Office of Graduate Programs

Andre Louis, Office of Research

Letter from the Coordinators

Participation in research gives students a unique opportunity to engage in the important process of discovery. Through research, students take the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom and apply it to laboratory, the archive, or in the studio. The University of Michigan-Flint takes great pride in supporting faculty-mentored research as a means to inspire students and expand their education. The annual Student Research Conference, now in its second year, does just that by providing both our undergraduate and graduate students a forum for showcasing their work publicly and to add their work to the body of knowledge.

The papers presented in this year's Journal of Student Research are examples of the quality and diversity research conducted by students on our campus. This publication has been, and continues to be, an important display of our student researchers' commitment to excellence. By submitting their exceptional work to this publication, they make the noteworthy decision to share impressive scholastic work with the rest of the University community. For that, we are both excited and appreciative.

Coordinating the Student Research Conference and producing this journal leaves many people to be recognized. First, we commend the faculty mentors for guiding our students to this point. Acknowledgements are also due to the staff members of both the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and Office of Graduate Programs. We also thank the University's senior leadership for their ongoing support of student research initiatives. Finally, we commend our students for their bold and creative thinking. It is your commitment to research and scholarship which makes this all possible. We are proud of your accomplishments!


Andre Louis, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Mary Deibis, Office of Graduate Programs

Table of Contents

In Alphabetical Order (by author's last name)

The Effects of Spearmint Chewing Gum on Cognition and Electroencephalogram (PDF)
Kristin Campbell, Vanessa Malochleb, Maia Assaf, Wally Moreno, and Donald Jones
Faculty Sponsor: Julius Militante

The Debates, Impacts, and Implications Surrounding Genetically Modified Crops in Third World Nations (PDF)
Tamera Dandachi
Faculty Sponsor: Ananth Aiyer, Anthropology

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (PDF)
Erik Hamilton
Faculty Sponsor: Tracy Wacker, Biology

Effects of Sperm Competition and Perceived Risk of Infidelity in the Workplace (PDF)
Casey Sturk, Dennis Kelly, and Ashleigh Callahan
Faculty Sponsor: William McKibbin, Psychology