UM-Flint faculty and graduate students can access statistical consulting services via a central service unit at U-M Ann Arbor known as the Consulting for Statistics Computing & Analytics Research, or CSCAR.  Faculty and students are both encouraged to contact the Director of the UM-Flint Office of Research prior to booking an appointment with CSCAR.  The Director will work with the CSCAR administrator, Jesse Cordoba, to arrange virtual or face to face bookings for faculty or graduate students with research design or analysis needs.  More extensive analysis may require the negotiation of a research service contract with funding from UMF ORSP or your home UMF unit.   

In recent years, CSCAR's mission has expanded with advances in research computing and the growth of the Data Science initiative at U-M.  In many cases, CSCAR has set up wiki resources for common statistical approaches that can get you started with some basic online learning modules,

One example is the Learning R github resource page by CSCAR consultant Michael Clark.

R is an open source statistical environment that is a very flexible platform for statistical analysis and data visualization.  If you are not already committed to one of the traditional statistical packages like SPSS, SAS or STATA, consider learning R, and its graphical interface, RStudio.

CSCAR is a cost-recovery unit that reports to UMOR, the University of Michigan Office of Research.  The Office of Research at UM-Flint budgets for statistical consultation needs that require more contact hours with the team of full-time consultants and graduate students at CSCAR, and asks that UM-Flint investigators contact the director ( for prior approval.