UM-Flint ORSP has limited funds to support consultation for statistical design or analysis through the Consulting for Statistics Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) on the Ann Arbor campus.  The first hour of consultation with CSCAR, in person or by video-conference, is free for all U-M faculty (Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint), or their graduate students working on faculty-directed research.  More extensive analysis may require the negotiation of a contract with CSCAR, by your home unit or UMF ORSP.

CSCAR's is supported by the larger U-M Office of Research (UMOR) and its mission has expanded with advances in research computing and the growth of the Data Science initiative.  In many cases, CSCAR has set up wiki resources for common statistical approaches that can get you started with some basic online learning modules,

One example is the Learning R resource page by CSCAR consultant Michael Clark. 

R is an open source environment that represents a very powerful flexible platform for statistical analysis.  If you are not steeped in/committed to one of the traditional statistical packages like SPSS, SAS or STATA, consider learning R.  It has rich visualization tools, text mining routines, simulation and parallel processing packages, and works well with ArcGIS for spatial statistics.

We ask that you contact our office if your project requires a consulting contract with CSCAR and you need to request funds to support it from ORSP.