What is the Proposal Approval Form (PAF)?

The PAF is a summary of information about the project that is used for internal review and approval and data management. It contains proposal information that must be routed via the U-M eResearch Proposal Management system and signed by university officials. The PAF is not submitted to the proposed sponsor. 

Why is a PAF needed?

PAFs are required for all U-M proposals. Before being sent to the proposed sponsor (see Section 3.06 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents), every grant or contract application must be submitted for prior approval through the appropriate University channels. The Proposal Approval Form (PAF), which is part of the eResearch Proposal Management system, accompanies the proposal to record the appropriate signatures to indicate approval of the proposed project.

Proposal Development and Approval.

Every proposal for sponsored funding on the Flint campus must be submitted for the final approval of the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects in Ann Arbor.  Flint ORSP will assist you in this process.  You should notify UM-Flint ORSP as far in advance as possible so we can begin to work with you.  U-M has now established an internal deadline policy of 4 business days prior to the sponsor's due date to guarantee submission.