Project Title: Designing an online game for reinforcing knowledge in research ethics

Faculty Sponsor: Charlotte Tang

Department: Computer Science

Telephone: 810.394.1483


Project Description: This collaborative project between the Computer Science Department and the Office of Research aims to design and develop an online game to allow faculty and students to learn or reinforce key issues related to ethics for conducting research compliant to HIPAA. This online game is intended to be fun to play with while faculty and students can acquire important knowledge on research ethics. The project will employ a discounted software engineering approach for designing and developing the online game.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The student is expected to work on the design and the development of the online game, under the supervision of both myself and Mary Mandeville of the Office of Research. Progress meetings will be conducted as needed. 

Minimum Student Qualifications: The student should be proficient in a variety of programming languages including OOP.