Project Title: Students and Patients Partnering to Advance Neurorehabilitation

Faculty Sponsor: Amy Yorke

Department: Physical Therapy



Project Description: DPT students consistently request more contact with the community in order to assist in their learning.  I currently teach a two course sequence in neuromuscular physical therapy.  The purpose of the study is two-fold (1) What is the impact of pre-clinical exposure to community partners who have a neurological disease/disorder on student learning? (2) Describe the experience of the community partners who are partners with DPT students.

Data collected from the DPT students will include personal journals, team debriefings, and pre/post course survey information.  Data from the community partners will be collected through focus group interviews after completion of the course.   

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 

It is anticipated that the student will complete the following functions:

  1. Organizing, tracking and delivering incentives to community partners
  2. Sending reminder and/or follow up e-mails to community partners
  3. Assist in contacting community partners to garner interest
  4. Organizing and tracking community partners attendance
  5. Assisting in coordinating community partners with DPT students

Depending on student skills and interest, opportunities exist for involvement with data collection, data analysis, and dissemination of results (manuscripts, posters, platform presentations).  

Minimum Student Qualifications: Student should be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Exceptional organizational skills is essential.  Student should have excellent personal skills since it is anticipated that he/she will have interaction with research subjects. Would prefer to have an undergraduate student who is currently a junior or senior and is planning on applying to the doctoral physical therapy program after graduation.