Project Title: The Cognitive Decision-Making Process of Vaccine Hesitant Parents

Faculty Sponsor: Adina Robinson

Department: Marketing, School of Management



Project Description: Our goal is to learn more about vaccine attitudes, knowledge, and decision making biases of vaccine hesitant parents who seek vaccine waivers for their children. Our second goal is to develop customized pro-vaccine safety messages to be used in the vaccine education classes provided by county health departments.

We will assist the nurses in the Genesee County Health Department in interviewing vaccine hesitant parents and recording their conversations. In the second stage, we will develop a communication tool and train nurses on how to implement it during their vaccine education classes.  

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The student will assist us in ensuring proper transcription of interviews with the help of a transcription software package, organizing the data in excel/word, and qualitatively interpreting the recorded conversations to uncover parents' decision making processes and associated biases. 

Minimum Student Qualifications: This is an interdisciplinary project and could benefit students with interest in marketing/consumer behavior/communications, health behavior/health education, public health and health sciences.