Project Title: Community and Institutional Stakeholder Group Perceptions on Job Creation in the Local Food Economy

Faculty Sponsor: Lenwood Hayman

Department: History

Telephone: 810.424.5615


Project Description: Tn Flint, Michigan, the combination of a lack of jobs, poor eating habits, and abundant vacant land all require action. One idea entails using vacant land to grow food and provide job training/opportunities. But community members are not always asked whether such ideas match with their vision for job creation in their community. This research will find out whether community members are supportive of growing food as a means of addressing these issues, and how this could be implemented. If community members don't agree that growing food is a good idea, this research will find out why and what other ideas may be helpful for increasing the number of jobs and providing healthy food in the community.  Data is collected through audio recordings of community meetings at various sites around the city of Flint.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Transcribe audio recordings of community meetings to Word documents.  Segment transcriptions into paragraphs according to individual speakers.  Where possible, assign pseudonyms to recognized 'same' voices.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Skilled at typing (80 WPM preferred to keep pace with recordings).  Ability to work without distraction for up to 2 hours at a time.  Basic familiarity with audio programs like Windows Media Player.