Project Title: Civic Park Historic Preservation

Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Henthorn

Department: History

Telephone: 810.762.3366


Project Description: American cities have a spotty record of preserving historic neighborhoods. This is particularly true when the housing stock is in disrepair and occupied, primarily, by minority residents. This project seeks to explore ways to place historic preservation at the center of the discussion for revitalization efforts in Civic Park by educating residents about cost effective restoration, educating developers and policy makers about the historic legacy of redevelopment in predominately black neighborhoods, and working with local neighborhood groups to rehabilitate existing structures in Civic Park.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The student will be responsible for collecting data on individual structures in Civic Park, records regarding demolition, local news accounts of Civic Park revitalization efforts, and literature searches about historic districts in the United States.

Minimum Student Qualifications: