Project Title: A multi-agent platform to facilliatate search and rescue using mini-drones

Faculty Sponsor: Mark Allison

Department: Computer Science



Project Description: This project seeks to investigate the scope, role and effectiveness of a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles in performing search and rescue operations. To facilitate the study we intend to design a platform for social interaction for intelligent agent task completion based on the Java Agent Development Environment (JADE) or equivalent technology.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Student will be asked to implement the design of the platform under the guidance of a GSRA or the PI  using the JAVA programming language. Weekly meetings are required where student will report progress, participate in design decisions, and be informed of updates to the research path and process. This will be a immersive research environment in which the student will oftentimes be expected to seek new skillsets without explicit direction.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Proficiency in the JAVA programming language. Some knowledge of robotics and artificial intelligence or the desire to gain this knowledge.