Project Title: The modelling, evaluation and testing of composite materials and structures

Faculty Sponsor: Olanrewaju Aluko

Department: Engineering

Telephone: 810.762.33181


Project Description: This project covers the modelling and evaluation of polymeric fibrous composite materials  and structures with a range of fibers volume fraction. It also covers  the experimental testing and characterization these materials in the laboratory.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  This project will expose students to how composite materials with a range of fibers volume fraction can be modeled and characterized in order to predict  their stiffness and strength. The students will also acquire the skill on how to experimentally validate their predicted results in the laboratory..

Minimum Student Qualifications: The students involved must have taken and passed EGR 260 and EGR 280 with a minimum grade of C and must be in EGR 381 before he can be allowed to work on this project.