Project Title: Converting NetWalker to a Web Service

Faculty Sponsor: Halil Bisgin

Department: Computer Science

Telephone: 810.762.3374


Project Description: NetWalker is a software application which is a one-stop platform featuring a number of novel holistic data integration and analysis methods for network-based comparative interpretations of genome-scale data. The central analysis components, NetWalk and FunWalk, are novel random walk-based network analysis methods that provide unique analysis capabilities to assess the entire data distributions together with network connectivity to prioritize molecular and functional networks, respectively, most highlighted in the supplied data. Extensive inter-operability between the analysis components and with external applications, including R, adds to the flexibility of data analyses.

NetWalker is currently used as a desktop application and can be found at Our goal is to convert this tool into a Web Service tool so that users will not have to download whole suit, instead they can upload their data and perform analysis on our web server.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Our candidate will be responsible for development of such web platform by utilizing the Java existing packages.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Candidate should be comfortable with Java and Web Services.