Project Title: Flint Magazine: An Unbound Journal of Art, Social Practice and the Post-Industrial Landscape

Faculty Sponsor: Ben Gaydos

Department: Art & Art History



Project Description: Flint Magazine is an unbound multimedia journal, modeled after Aspen Magazine, the highly influential art journal “in a box” that heralded a new approach to art, art criticism, and media in the 1960’s and 70’s. Today digital technology is ubiquitous; yet a desire persists for the tangible and tactile. The gap between the print and digital worlds is expansive and there is opportunity to bridge that expanse.

Combining print and digital/web-based content, Flint Magazine will  explore the possibilities of a multimedia magazine today. The first issue will serve as a prototype for publication, aiding in all stages of production – from edition size and distribution, to format and material/ substrate.

Flint Magazine will examine contemporary art practice and criticism. The first issue will explore “social practice” – the current movement of using art to affect positive change within defined communities – subject matter quite relevant to artists, scholars and activists in Flint, Detroit and well beyond the Rust Belt.

Publishing – in both the scholarly and art world – has been struggling to bridge the gap between print and multimedia forms. Flint Magazine is an opportunity to explore this territory, and provide a new vehicle for artistic and scholarly discourse.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Design and research relating to production and distribution .

Minimum Student Qualifications: 3 years of study in the design program or computer science.