Project Title: RN-to-BSN Program Service Quality

Faculty Sponsor: Beverly Dabney

Department: Nursing

Telephone: 810.762.0893


Project Description: Discrepancies between student expectations of RN-to-BSN program education and their perception of their actual program experiences can lead to negative outcomes such as decreased student satisfaction, increased attrition and student reluctance to recommend the program to others. Yet, little research has been done regarding RN students’ expectations of RN-to-BSN programs. Student satisfaction is a key component of assessing nursing program service quality. One potential gap in service quality that can influence student experiences, and thus program quality as experienced by the student, is a gap between student expectations and faculty perceptions of their expectations. This gap occurs when discrepancies arise between faculty perceptions of what the student expects and the student’s actual expectations. Part 1 of this study will explore this potential gap. Part 2 of this study will measure students’ perceived service quality by exploring student expectations of the RN-to-BSN program, and their perceptions of service received.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Students may be involved in literature searches, data management, and conducting interviews with study participants

Minimum Student Qualifications: Good communication skills.  Ability to use library database and conduct literature searchers.