Project Title: Theory Derivation

Faculty Sponsor: Beverly Dabney

Department: Nursing

Telephone: 810.762.0893


Project Description: Using the theory derivation method described by Walker and Avant (1983), a theoretical structure and related statements will be developed to describe concepts contributing to case management service quality. This project does not include research questions or hypotheses.  Instead theoretical statements will be derived from established theory and current literature. The steps of the Walker and Avant (1983) method of theory derivation include:

  1. Becoming thoroughly familiar with the literature on the topic of interest.
  2. Reading widely in other fields for ideas.
  3. Selecting a parent theory to use for derivation.
  4. Identifying what content and/or structure from the parent theory is to be used.
  5. Developing or redefining any new concepts or statements from the structure of the parent theory in terms of the phenomenon of interest to the theorist.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Student activities will include literature searches and organizing information from the literature in excel spread sheets.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Competence in performing literature searches.  Knowledge of how to use Microsoft Word and Excel.