Project Title: Assessing Awareness, Knowledge and Attitude About Adolescent SBIRT: Responses from UM-Flint Instructors and Students Through Pre and Post Test Surveys

Faculty Sponsor: Otrude Moyo

Department: Social Work

Telephone: 810.766.6874


Project Description:

This study assesses awareness, knowledge and attitude about Adolescent  Substance Abuse Screening, Brief Intervention and Treatment (SBIRT) of  UM-Flint social work instructors and students through pre and post surveys within the period of January 01, 2016- January 01, 2017. The purpose of this study is in two fold: first, to assess instructors awareness, knowledge and attitude of Adolescent SBIRT using pre surveys, then, introduce adolescent SBIRT through lunch and learn workshops/webinars and engage post surveys to determine instructor’s comfort  in integrating of Adolescent SBIRT. Second, assess students in senior social work field education and Substance Abuse Treatment courses awareness, knowledge and attitude of SBIRT, then, introduce modules on SBIRT throughout the semester and at the end of the semester surveys students to assess student awareness, knowledge and attitude about Adolescent SBIRT. Surveys will be administered on-line using mainly qualtrics.

Research Design: This study compares within group awareness, knowledge and attitude of two groups, instructors and students. Instructors teaching specific courses were selected for the study and those students enrolled in these courses.  Instructors can also self-select to include SBIRT in any of the social work course Study Questions:

As a two -prong study, research questions for this study address before and after the integration of SBIRT in the curriculum for both instructors and students.  In the pre-surveys the following questions will be addressed for instructors:

Awareness questions: How familiar are instructors with SBIRT?  How well prepared are instructors in sharing Adolescent SBIRT with their students?  What are some of the hindrance do instructors perceive in introducing Adolescent SBIRT to students?

Knowledge questions: What is the instructor’s understanding of Adolescent SBIRT? What information do instructors feel students should have about Adolescent SBIRT?

Attitude question: What is the instructor’s perception of student’s preparedness to use Adolescent SBIRT in their fields of practice?

Research Questions for student participant pre-survey:

Awareness question: How familiar are students with the SBIRT model?

Knowledge question: What is Adolescent SBIRT? What information/knowledge areas do students feel they ought to know about SBIRT?

Attitudes: What strategies are likely to be successful in integrating Adolescent SBIRT? How confident do students feel they can use SBIRT in their fields of practice?

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Create research folder with survey instruments electronically and manually.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Minimum knowledge of qualtrics and basic usage of SPSS. Social Work student with basic knowledge of SBIRT and must have certification of completing the SBIRT simulation training.