Project Title: Peer Networks for Middle School Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Faculty Sponsor: Melissa Sreckovic

Department: Education



Project Description: Does the implementation of a peer network intervention produce increases in social interaction between a student with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and his peers? What are the perceptions of being in a peer network intervention of students with ASD and their peers who participate in a peer network intervention? We will be researching these questions and seek students to assist us with our project. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: I am seeking one UM-Flint education student to assist on aspects of this project. A wide variety of tasks will be involved including observations, conducting peer network meetings, reading relevant literature, attending meetings, transcribing videos, analyzing data, and writing.

Minimum Student Qualifications: I am seeking a student who is eager to learn about autism spectrum disorder, interested in research, and has transportation to go to Grand Blanc once a week.