Project Title: Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center

Faculty Sponsor: Kaneesha Wallace

Department: Emergency Medicine



Project Description: Based in Flint, MI the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center (HFRCC) aims to create a model of how academic institutions can respond in communities experiencing a public health crisis.  As a research coordinating center we collect social, economic, and public health data from academic institutions and government agencies along with bridging the knowledge gap for community members and academic researchers interested in working on joint research projects. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Data tasks include data entry into Excel. Sorting and cleaning large data files in preparation for uploading.  The student will also work with the program manager to identify leads from which more data can be acquired.  Student might be asked to attend HFRCC events with the program managers to assist where necessary

Minimum Student Qualifications: The student should enjoy working with and have an interest in working with data.  They’ll also need the ability to work independently and have a great attention to detail.  The student should be moderately comfortable working with people.