Project Title: Children's Understanding of Social Interaction and Relationships

Faculty Sponsor: Marianne McGrath

Department: Psychology

Telephone: 810.762.3424


Project Description: Dr. Kazuko Hiramatsu (English Department) and I are developing studies in cooperation with researchers at UM-Ann Arbor (Dr. Craig Smith and colleagues), and the Executive Director of the Flint Children's Museum, Kimberly Roddy, MPA.  We are looking for motivated and responsible undergraduates to work with and interview children (average age, six years old) about their understanding of hypothetical social situations.  The study will be conducted mostly on Saturdays at the Flint Children's Museum. Training and supervision will be provided.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Undergraduate Students will be trained as Research Assistants, and will be interviewing  children and collecting data.  Undergraduate research assistants must be available on most Saturday afternoons, and have reliable transportation to get to and from the Flint Children's Museum.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Undergraduate students interested in becoming research assistants on this project should have experience/background in developmental psychology or a related field, have some knowledge of research design/methods, and be trained in the ethical conduct of human subjects research (PEERRS or equivalent).  Student research assistants should also be conscientious, displaying consistent attention to detail and organizational skills.