Project Title: Stage Movement & Choreography Assistant for BIG LOVE, UM-Flint Main Stage Production

Faculty Sponsor: Janet Haley

Department: Theatre and Dance

Telephone: 810.241.6865


Project Description: The UM-Flint department of Theatre and Dance is producing the play BIG LOVE by Charles Mee on the Main Stage in January/February 2017.  This modern revision of one of the western world's oldest plays, The Suppliant Women by the Greek writer Aeschylus, concerns a group of Greek brides who take refuge in a Villa in Italy, to avoid arranged marriages to their cousins.  The grooms pursue the brides, and actions of extremes are revealed as the play investigates the nature of love - its beauty, its possibility, its pain, its terror, its violence, and its hope.  

This post-modern theatre piece contains traditional dance, sung pop music songs, unarmed stage combat, rope repelling, and simulated murder with daggers/knives.  

The Director (myself, Janet Haley) seeks a student assistant with strong movement, music, and choreography skills/experience to help research and create in rehearsal, the required dance, song, and stage violence sequences of this script.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 

-Research Motown-style movements that accompany pop songs of the mid-20th century.
-Work with director to set the choreography on the performers
-Work to document the process and product with Director (video/photo/writing)

-Research action-film sequences (Tarantino, Cohen Bros. films) for contemporary images of violence/murder in order to adapt for the production's violence sequences.
-Consult with other performance faculty for resources/skills in violence staging.
-Work with director to stage the violence with the actors in rehearsal
-Work with the actors to maintain the integrity of the stage violence in rehearsal and performance
-Work to document the process and product with Director  (video/photo/writing)

-Work with director to help coach group/solo songs in rehearsal
-Work to document the process and product with Director  (video/photo/writing)

-Take notes for director in rehearsal
-Record own notes/observations in rehearsal
-Type up next steps/notes for director and actors
-Dialogue/process with director at meetings outside of rehearsal to plan and prepare for rehearsal
-Assist with writing promotional copy for social media, flyers, etc to promote ticket sales for production

Minimum Student Qualifications:

-STRONG choreography skills.
-STRONG vocal/singing skills.
-Previous skills in assisting a director or choreographer create stage compositions
-STRONG leadership skills - especially with peers.
-Strong organizational skills.
-Strong communication skills - written, and face-to-face.
-Prompt and efficient communication skills by email/text/social media.