Project Title: MVP: Mind and Voice Project

Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Nulph

Department: Psychiatry

Telephone: 810.262.4874


Project Description: We want to learn more about the health behaviors of young adults who come to the Emergency Department ) ED for medical care. Health behaviors include relationships, physical and mental health, alcohol use, and conflicts with others. The purpose of this study is to develop and improve prevention and intervention programs for young adults seen in Emergency Departments. We want to learn how communicating with a therapist through the use of technology can help young adults reduce risk behaviors related to alcohol use and conflicts with others. We also want to learn about opinions and the helpfulness of video therapy sessions and the type of material discussed.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: 

- Data collection.
- Data entry.
- Sending and tracking participants correspondence.
- General office tasks.
- Other potential assignments as needed.

Minimum Student Qualifications:

- A passion for research experience.
- Good organizational skills.
- Attention to detail.
- The ability to learn quickly and communicate effectively. Also, the ability to balance an independent work ethic while working on a team