Project Title: Discovering Hidden Motifs in ISIS Jihadi Texts by Using Text Mining

Faculty Sponsor: Halil Bisgin

Department: Computer Science

Telephone: 810.762.3374


Project Description: Due to its persistent online presence ISIS remains as a global threat not only for the people of Middle East, but also Western youth many of which have already chosen to fight for ISIS. Whereas propaganda videos and images have been analyzed to account for any propaganda technique, a systematic analysis of textual content is still lacking. Therefore, we plan to examine ISIS texts to discover propagandist elements that can have impact on Western individuals. We will be using three different data sources that include ISIS periodical, Dabiq magazine, and Twitter and Web postings of supporters. Using text mining, natural language processing, and topic modeling algorithms, we aim to extract features in those texts and interpret our findings with
existing literature, news and religious resources.

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Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Student will investigate entity recognition tools and employ natural language tools to perform analysis on ISIS publications.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Strong programming background and interest in text mining.