Project Title: To Investigate the Role of Exergames in Addressing Obesity Issues

Faculty Sponsor: Charlotte Tang

Department: Computer Science



Project Description: People nowadays tend to lead a sedentary life as they spend more time at a television, computer, or video games. This however is linked to many chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Therefore a variety of exercise games, a.k.a. exergames, such as Wii, Kinect games, and the more recently launched Pokemon Go, have been developed to encourage people to engage in physical activities. The proposed project is to investigate how exergames have helped people turn to more active lifestyle and what lessons we can learn to design similar games.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: The student is expected to conduct a thorough literature review on the subject and to interview game designers to acquire knowledge on game designs for promoting physical activities. The student should be proficient in writing.

Minimum Student Qualifications: