Project Title: Caribbean States, Ethno-Political Conflict and the Use of Force

Faculty Sponsor: Joan Mars

Department: Sociology/Anthropology/Criminal Justice

Telephone: 810-762-3340


Project Description: The mode of state intervention in political and ethnic conflicts can determine whether such conflicts are escalated or mitigated in the process. In multi-ethnic Caribbean societies such as Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, tendencies towards state authoritarianism embedded in earlier colonial state practices and inheritances, precipitate an excessive form of intervention reflected in exaggerated uses of force to control political protest and social deviance. The objective of this 
paper is to historically survey and analyze such patterns of state intervention in the post-colonial Caribbean in order to provide insights on how best to alleviate the more excessive or brutal forms of state control and recommend more democratic conflict resolution practices in these parts. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Student will conduct research, prepare summaries of articles, design and prepare power point slides and help to prepare figures and tables to be used during paper presentation.

Minimum Student Qualifications: The ability to conduct scholarly research and to prepare accurate bibliographic summaries of articles. Proficiency in the use of Excel and Power Point.