Project Title: Drug Use and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Emerging Adults in the ER

Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Zbizek-Nulph

Department: UM Department of Psychiatry/Hurley Hospital



Project Description: the Emergency Department (ED) for medical care. Health behaviors include physical and mental health, drug and alcohol use, and HIV risk behaviors (e.g. sex, drugs). We will develop and pilot test a tailored, ED-based computer-guided intervention for substance use and HIV risk reduction [e.g., tailored by type of substance use (e.g., marijuana, non-medical use of prescription drugs, etc.), partner type (e.g., regular, casual, transactional), gender, and social-cognitive factors] for patients focused on reducing substance use and HIV risk behaviors enhanced by mobile phone notifications following the session.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Student(s) will help create and edit the “booster” notifications sent to participants after the initial ED-intervention session and input them into an automated web-system. In addition, student(s) will complete data entry and basic office procedures (such as making participant charts, filing, and sending study mail, amongst other tasks), as well as contact study participants to remind them of messages and/or follow-up interview. Student(s) will accompany study staff during follow-up interviews and potentially conduct such interviews under supervision.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Some experience in the field of substance abuse and HIV risk education or prevention preferred, but not required. A basic knowledge of maintaining participant confidentiality and HIPAA policies and procedures. Proficient computer skills including, but not limited to, knowledge of Access databases, Excel, and Qualtrics. Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, personable, and the abilities to learn quickly, communicate effectively, and work independently, but also as a team player. Should also be comfortable discussing sensitive topics such as substance use, HIV risk behaviors, and sexual health. Ability to travel to Ann Arbor campus required.