Project Title: Cognitive Strategies

Faculty Sponsor: Peter Molinaro

Department: Psychology



Project Description: Click here to view the project description

Student Tasks & Responsibilities: Students are needed in the following roles:

1) Experimenters - students will need to administer the study, set up recording equipment in the lab, schedule participants through the psychology department's Sona systems website, administer research credit to participants, and be present in training activities. Experimenters will need to memorize the study script and be comfortable acting in front of student participants.

2) Confederates - students will need to be act out the part of another student taking part in the study. Confederates will engage in rapport building with participants and will be asked to similarly memorize a study script. The confederate will also be responsible for randomly assigning participants and documenting participant conditions. Confederates will be required to participate in training sessions

3) Research Assistants - students will be asked to transcribe experimental recording sessions, code data into SPSS, and participate in analysis and write up of final results.

Minimum Student Qualifications: