Project Title: Adventures in Time

Faculty Sponsor: Annie Whitlock

Department: Education (Elementary Education)



Project Description: The purpose of this research is to explore teacher decision-making, particularly as it applies to reading historical fiction. I am interested in the following research questions: (1) In what ways do elementary school teachers, more specifically 5th grade teachers responsible for early U.S. history as part of their social studies curriculum, use historical fiction in their classrooms? (2) For what
purposes do elementary school teachers use historical fiction in their classrooms? and (3) What factors do elementary school teachers consider when they select use historical fiction in their classrooms?

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:  Students will be transcribing interview data and creating annotated bibliographies of research articles and historical fiction novels for middle grades.

Minimum Student Qualifications: Student must be able to accurately transcribe audio files using their own equipment (laptop or desktop computer).