The following are workshops we offer. *Please note: Unless otherwise indicated, these workshops are only open to University of Michigan-Flint faculty, staff, and students.*

Faculty Orientation

Want to know more about research services at UM-Flint and UM?

The Office of Research will conduct workshops or presentations for interested departments or groups of faculty to explain more about research development and administration at UM-Flint and introduce our staff and resources.  Contact our office by email or reach out to the director to schedule a workshop.

Budgeting Basics

Want to know how to think about the scope of work for your projects?  The Office of Research has budget templates to allow you to enter and adjust personnel effort levels, add research materials, and pre-cost different research components or aims.  Contact Erin Kingsley ( to arrange for a workshop or presentation in your unit on the basics of sponsored projects budgeting.


This two-hour session introduces participants to Qualtrics; a specialized tool used for online survey research. The workshop covers the basic functions of creating/editing a survey, distributing the survey, and analyzing the results. This session is facilitated by Andre Louis.

Workshop dates and times will be announced each semester.

IRB Training

Mary Mandeville of UM-Flint's Institutional Review Board (IRB) offers training in eResearch, the online system for submitting research projects for IRB review and approval.