Is Something Broken?

Housing and Residential Life, in cooperation with the University of Michigan-Flint’s Facilities Department, strives to provide high quality custodial and maintenance services in the residence hall. The facilities staff will respond to all maintenance issues in the residence hall and will provide for the cleaning of all common areas in First Street Residence Hall.


In order to reach us regarding an after-hours emergency, please contact the RA on duty or the front desk – (Hours 4 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. on weekdays and anytime Saturdays, Sundays or holidays).

Our staff in Facilities and Housing and Residential Life is prepared to respond to after-hours, facilities related emergencies in the residence hall.  We have defined such emergencies as the following:

  • Loss of hot or cold water
  • Loss of heat
  • Loss of electricity
  • Electrical hazard
  • Flooding or major leak
  • Fire
  • Glass window breakage that is a potential safety and/or security hazard
  • Passenger trapped in elevator
  • Loss of elevator
  • Suite/room lockouts or lock problems
  • Any condition that represents a significant imminent threat or potential hazard to the community
  • Pest emergencies (bats, bees, etc.)
  • Refrigerator failure - unless repair staff is able to respond during normal working hours within 24 hours
  • Toilets - Loss of service, unless repair staff is able to respond during normal working hours within 24 hours.


  • Clean up after yourself, including in the event of illness.
  • Leave every space cleaner that you found it.
  • Throw away trash or recyclables when you have used the residence hall lounges.
  • Put what you sweep from your room in the trash can (not the corridor outside your door).
  • Clean your suite/room (frequency is up to you and your roommate/suitemates).
  • If a resident is abusing the facilities, consider approaching him or her about the behavior. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, contact an RA or Hall Director.


We ask that your report all damages or repairs needed in your suite, room or common area immediately. Your help will ensure that we keep our residence halls in fantastic condition for years to come!

To report damages or repairs needed, go online and fill out a CAN-DO form. Our facilities staff will assess the request and keep you informed of the progress in resolving the issue. By submitting a request you are giving permission for maintenance/facilities personnel to enter the room to attend to the problem, even if you are not present at the time.


Facilities Responsibilities

To help maintain a healthy and comfortable residence hall environment, Facilities staff will clean and maintain the building, including offices, corridors, lounges and other common areas. The following cleaning standards are what you can expect in these areas.

  • Vacuum and clean lounges daily
  • Clean and disinfect public bathrooms and fixtures daily
  • Remove all trash and recycled materials daily
  • Clean laundry rooms daily
  • Vacuum hallway corridors three times weekly
  • Repair and maintain building systems and components as needed

After-hours and weekend housekeeping services are performed only on a limited basis. Routine housekeeping requests should be made by going to the Housing website and submitting a CAN-DO form or by contacting Facilities during normal work hours at (810) 762-3223.

Residents Responsibilities

Residents are responsible for maintaining their suites/rooms at a level of cleanliness that discourages pests, mold, bacterial growth and other health and safety hazards. Resident Advisors will conduct Health and Safety Inspections monthly. Residents should be aware that unnecessary abuse or vandalism adds to the workload of Facilities staff. This impairs the staff’s ability to meet the standard service levels listed above. Residents are expected to do their part in helping maintain the residence halls by doing the following.

Maintenance concerns
  • Report any maintenance concerns immediately.



  • Dispose of trash only in designated areas (be sure everything goes in the containers—not around them).
  • Sort recyclable items by following the instructions on the posters in the waste/recycling areas.
  • When taking trash and recycled materials to the trash room, please make sure the bags are not dripping in the hallway. A suggestion is to take the bag in the trash can to dispose of it.
  • Place all litter and other debris into trash cans, not in the corridor or other public areas.