DPS is dedicated to providing a wide variety of community services. Our Community Engagement Programs are designed to build and maintain partnerships, trust, respect, create a dialogue with our community, provide educational resources and programs, and assist our community in reducing the opportunity for crime.

Block Club members understand that Safety is everyone's responsibility. Join the fun and become a Block Club Member!

Meetings - Contact an RA for meeting dates and times.


Annual Interactive Safety Awareness March

The UM-Flint First Street Residence Hall Block Club and DPS team up and march around about campus.  This March visits staged events or short scenarios along the route. Our own UM-Flint Block Club students are active participants in each of the scenarios. 

Staged events often include, but are not limited to:

  • sexual assault awareness education
  • domestic/partner violence education
  • alcohol consumption poisoning awareness education
  • traffic stop providing education specific to citizens awareness education
  • distracted walker or walking while texting awareness education
  • How to handle & deal with individuals who verbally attack members of our campus community.
  • pedestrian safety awareness education
  • active shooter education (what should students do in the event they find themselves in a building where an active shooter is)

Q&A surrounding safety concerns