DPS:Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

DPS continues partnering with our community!

The UM-Flint Department of Public Safety (DPS) community policing philosophy is at the foundation for all of our operational strategies. It emphasizes the establishment of police-community partnerships and a problem-solving approach that is responsive to the needs of our campus community. One of the major objectives of our efforts is to continue establishing active partnerships between DPS and various community groups that, while working together, can evaluate problems and design and help implement solutions that are community-based. This requires us to make a conscious effort to create a culture in which our community partners actively and willingly partnership with DPS.

DPS will continue to work to build long-lasting and effective relationships built on mutual respect and trust. We rest on the ideas of empowerment, creating a sense of joint responsibility and commitment to a safe campus. We recognize and acknowledge that this effort will require time, training and commitment from both our DPS personnel and our community. We look forward to long and healthy relationships.

DPS lead Flint Urban Safety Corp

DPS-led Flint Urban Safety Corps

Making Communities Safer

Mission - Increase public safety through blight reduction and commuity engagement.

The DPS-led Flint Urban Safety Corps is an AmeriCorps program working to implement initiatives to increase public safety by decreasing victimization and encouraging resident engagement in the Flint Community. The interventions employed by our program are intended to reduce blight and support the community by promoting communication among residents and organizations. We will also be working to engage volunteers from across the greater Flint area to stimulate more community service.

For additional information please visit: https://fuscblog.wordpress.com/

Visit the DPS lead lint Urban Safety Corps on Facebook @FlintUSC

USC is seeking candidates! To apply, please find the position descriptions HERE, or contact Director Kiana Wahonya at kwahonya@unitedwaygenesee.org.



DPS led Flint River Trail Watchers Program

Flint River Trail Watchers Program

In May of 2017 the DPS-led Flint Urban Safety Corp implemented the River Trail Watcher's Program. This program annually places Americorp's volunteers in marked DPS golf carts along the Flint River Trail from May-November. Volunteer members patrol the downtown corridor, clean up the nature spaces, report suspicious activity to law enforcement, and interact with residents along the trail.

USC is seeking candidates! To apply, please find the position descriptions HERE, or contact Director Kiana Wahonya at kwahonya@unitedwaygenesee.org.

University Avenue Corridor

The University Avenue Corridor

The University Avenue Corridor Coalition (UACC) is a collaborative effort among stakeholders along University Avenue, Flint, Michigan from McLaren Flint on the West to the University of Michigan-Flint on the East, also bounded by Hurley Medical Center and Whaley Children’s Home on the North and the Flint River to the South. 

Mission: To transform the University Avenue corridor into an attractive and crime-free community that is conducive to sustainable development. 

By signing this MOA, the parties agree to offer its resources to address critical issues facing the above-described area.
Said critical issues are clustered around the following goals:
- Addressing Blight and Crime Hotspots
- Improving Community Health
- Stabilizing Land Use
- Establishing Leisure and Recreational Areas
- Creating and Enhancing Communication Links and
Education in the Area

It is also agreed that “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design” is the organizing principle to be followed in our efforts to address blight and crime hotspots and to stabilize land use in the area.

For additional information on The University Avenue Corridor visit them on Facebook @UACFlint.

DPS in our Neighboring Communities

DPS in our Neighboring Communities

The visible changes along the corridor send a critical message to neighbors and visitors alike—that Flint and its residents matter, and that fellow citizens are looking out for each other. “This is about putting eyes and ears on the street, and reestablishing trust that’s been broken for years,” says Ray Hall, chief of campus police for the University of Michigan-Flint. “When you see what our neighbors have been through—the loss of GM, thousands of jobs, high crime, and water crisis on top of it—how can you not want to help?”

University of Michigan officers have been patrolling the communities on the perimeter of campus. They also assess properties for CPTED intervention (Tom Wyatt trained Hall’s team on using CPTED) and work with the Blight Squads. “Our directed patrols are highly visible,” says Hall. “The Urban Safety Corps, which works on community outreach and blight removal, is highly visible. And the River Trail Watchers, [volunteers who patrol the greenway,] are visible.”

An introductory video is available for viewing HERE. Look for DPS Police Officer Mark Walker! For more information

Flint Area Explorer Program

UM-Flint DPS is pleased to partner with the Office of the Genesee County Sheriff, the City of Flint Police Department, and the Department of Public Safety at Mott Community College to offer the Flint Area Explorer Program.

The program provides the opportunity for youth ages 14-21 to learn about careers in law enforcement.