Connection Officer

DPS is getting connected with our community!

Connection Officer Program

The UM-Flint Department of Public Safety (DPS) has established a community-oriented policing service that we call Connection Officer Program (COP). COP uses a customer service focused approach to meeting the safety needs of the community we serve. Our goal is to be more accessible and approachable by members of our campus community, while providing efficient and effective services to the campus that we serve.

Our community policing philosophy is at the foundation for all of our operational strategies. It emphasizes the establishment of police-community partnerships and a problem-solving approach that is responsive to the needs of our campus community. One of the major objectives of our COP efforts is to establish an active partnership between DPS and the various campus community groups that, while working together, can evaluate problems and design and help implement solutions that are community-based. This requires us to make a conscious effort to create a culture in which our community partners actively and willingly partnership with DPS.

There is a DPS Connection Officer assigned to a number of the large formal groups on campus. From First Street Housing to Student Government, a Connection Officer is currently working to build long-lasting and effective relationships built on mutual respect and trust. In fact, we just opened a COP office at 1st Street Housing!

The Connection Officer Program rests on the ideas of empowerment, creating a sense of joint responsibility and commitment to a safe campus. We recognize and acknowledge that this effort will require time, training and commitment from both our DPS personnel and our campus community.