Parking Permits

Parking permits are required to be displayed to use any of the University of Michigan-Flint parking facilities. Visitor parking is available in the Mill Street Parking Deck and in paid metered parking spaces in Lot P (see Campus Map).

Student Parking Permits

Information Technology Services (ITS) issues parking permits and validation stickers to students of the University of Michigan-Flint. Click here for more information.

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

Yearly parking permits for faculty and staff personal vehicles are available at the beginning of the Fall semester at the DPS administrative office located in the Hubbard building. Parking permits for Faculty and Staff with temporary appointments are available at the DPS administrative office. Faculty and staff are charged a fee for the parking permits as set by the university. The fee can be paid by payroll deduction or paid for at the time of issuance. No cash can be received, checks only please.

Ann Arbor Parking Access:  Faculty and staff who wish to park on the Ann Arbor campus will be required to have a valid M-Card and a valid UM-Flint parking permit in order to access the gated “Blue” parking areas.  The UM-Flint White permit is also valid in Yellow and Orange lots.  Your M-Card will be activated upon issuance of your UM-Flint parking permit.  Please contact the ITS Department for your M-Card.

To view the Ann Arbor Parking Maps click on the following link:

For assistance with parking while on the Ann Arbor campus please call: (734)763-5555

Parking permit form for Faculty and Staff (form must be returned to DPS)

Blue Parking Pilot Program - Faculty and staff interested in parking in the University Pavilion Ramp have the option to participate in the Blue Parking Pilot Program. Permits are limited. 


Oversized Vehicle Parking 

Some vehicles are oversized and do not fit in University parking ramps.  Any vehicle which comes in contact with the height bar in the parking ramps qualifies as an oversized vehicle. There is a special “Oversize” validation sticker that can be attached to the parking permit and allows parking in Lot A, Lot T and Lots Q, R and S when driving the oversized vehicle.  Public Safety will review all requests for oversized vehicles and will notify the requestor whether their vehicle qualifies for an oversized vehicle validation.  Improper use of the oversize vehicle validation may result in issuance of a parking violation.

Service Vehicle and Restricted Parking Permit Application

  • Service vehicle parking (blue permit)
    Intended purpose- To facilitate and maximize service operation; for example, short-term delivery, pick-up and drop-off of materials, repair services; and outside vendors. The intent has always been that these spaces designed for limited durations. Parking in excess of ½ hour is discouraged. If circumstances arise that extend your parking beyond the limitations, please call Department of Public Safety to alert them. Improper use may result in retraction service vehicle permit.
  • Restricted parking permit (gold permit)

    Restricted Parking Permit (gold) is authorized by the Department of Public Safety, Chief Raymond Hall.  This permit allows parking in the restricted parking spaces at the University Pavilion (may use Service vehicle spaces as overflow in the University Pavilion).  They also allow parking in any service vehicle space on campus.

Service Vehicle/Restricted Parking Permit Application


Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Temporary parking permits for students as well as faculty and staff are available through the Office of Accessibility Services in CAPS which is located in Room 264 UCEN. Permits are valid for up to 30 days and require documentation for need from a medical professional. Parking permits requested in excess of 30 days must be obtained from the Michigan Secretary of State office. The application for a permit is available at your local Secretary of State office or online.

In addition to a disability parking permit, a University of Michigan-Flint student, faculty, or staff parking permit is also required.