Key/MCard Access Policy and Procedure

To define a system for the issuance, replacement and tracking of UM-Flint Campus building and facility keys and MCard access. The safety and security of the students, faculty, staff, visitors and University property must be paramount when deciding on the merits of issuing or not issuing keys or access.

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for the issuance and tracking of keys; applications; maintenance of the key code system; and replacement of University keys and lock core replacements.

Facilities Management is responsible for maintenance and repair of door opening mechanisms, malfunctions related to locks and doors, installation of lock devices, the making of cores, and key duplication(s) when authorized by DPS. All requests for keys must be submitted to DPS. All office and door locks will be installed by the university and will be the design and manufacturer designated by Facilities Management and DPS.

Individual departments and their respective supervisors are urged to maintain an inventory of keys issued within their department(s) or unit. To enhance security across campus, it is also recommended that each executive office area, perform an annual key audit to determine if there are any missing keys, or a potential breach of security due to any missing keys. From time to time, the DPS may conduct random key audits. Executive officers will be notified in advance of any such audit.

All buildings and facility keys must remain the property of the University of Michigan-Flint. Improper or unauthorized use, such as reproduction, lending of, or use for entry to non-authorized areas may result in the revocation of key privileges, and may include disciplinary action. The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to deny key access to any member of the University Community.

Access to locked areas of the University is based upon need and security concerns. Whenever possible, employees will be issued the minimum number of keys at the appropriate security level, which will provide access to their area(s) of assignment.

All key requests must be submitted on the KEY REQUEST/MCARD ACCESS FORM.

Access keys allow the entry to individual offices or rooms. These are the primary keys issued to faculty and staff. Department chairs and directors may approve issuance of these keys based upon need, by signing on line (6) of the KEY REQUEST/MCARD ACCESS FORM.

Suite-Master keys operate a sub-group of locks within a master system, such as in a department. Department chairs and directors may approve issuance of these keys based upon need, by signing line (6) of the KEY REQUEST/MCARD ACCESS FORM.

Any extra or unknown keys held by individuals, departments and officers should be turned into DPS.

Persons assigned keys, are responsible for the security of the keys. Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to the department chair or director and DPS. A replacement charge of $20.00 will be assessed for each lost or stolen access key before a duplicate can be issued. The replacement fee for a lost or stolen suite master is $100.00 and must be paid before a duplicate is made. Requests for keys lost, due to theft, must be accompanied by a police report. The employee or department will be responsible for any cost associated with re-keying and re-coring of locks due to a lost or stolen key.

Employees who are leaving the University must return all keys in their possession to DPS, no later than on their last day of employment. Keys may not be left with the employee’s department or transferred to another employee.

Student and Temporary Employees:
Under normal circumstances, students and temporary employees will not be issued University keys. For any exceptions, the rationale for issuing, must be documented on the KEY REQUEST/MCARD ACCESS FORM and approved by the respective department chair or director’s signature and the executive officer or appointed designee’s signature. However, in no instance will any key other than an access key or a suite-master key be issued to a student or temporary employee. Exterior building keys will not be issued to any student or temporary employee.

Students are issued a key for a prescribed period of time, for a semester(s), for the duration of a special project, during a period of elected office, etc. However, except under special circumstances which are approved by the executive officer or his/her designee, all students must return any keys in their possession at the end of each academic school year.

Key Requests:
To request a key, fill out the KEY REQUEST/MCARD ACCESS FORM along with the proper signatures (including the supervisor's), and forward to DPS. Proper justification, including purpose and use will be required for all key requests. Upon notification by DPS, keys can be picked up at the DPS's Hubbard Office during normal business hours. The individual who will use the key must sign line (7) of the KEY REQUEST/MCARD ACCESS FORM. No keys will be issued without proper signatures.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Department of Public Safety, (810) 762-3330.