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David Arnould

Security Technology Specialist

Our DPS Security Technology Services offer a variety of services to our campus community in the areas of information technology security and access control. David Arnould is your Connecting with U DPS employee here to assist with related services.

Security Technology Access Requests

Security Technology Service Requests

DPS is available to field UM-Flint department requests specific to security camera installation, card access installation and panic button installation. Once your request is recieved, it is reviewed for form completion by the DPS IT Security Specialist and presented to the campus-wide Security Technologies commitee for review.  Committe review includes discussion centered around security and a decision will be rendered.

FORM: Security Technology Form

Key/M-Card Access Requests

Key / M-Card Access Requests

UM-Flint DPS Security Technology Services provides access services to our community through the formal issuance of University keys and/or provision of M-Card access. Our IT Security Specialist will review submitted requests for key and/or M-Card access.  Please download and complete the available form and send to DPS.

FORM: Key/M-Card Request Access Form


For assistance, or questions, in this area please contact:

DPS IT Security Specialist David Arnould, Office (810) 762-3330