Student Patrol Program

The Eyes, Ears and Smiles of DPS! 

DPS Student PatrolThe UM-Flint Department of Public Safety (DPS) Student Patrol program is an important part of our comprehensive crime prevention and safety initiative.   Our Student Patrol program consists of about 20 Student Safety members who serve students, faculty, staff and visitors to the UM-Flint campus. 

The DPS Student Patrol are the eyes, ears and smiles of the DPS.  Our Student Patrol can be easily identified by their maize and blue uniforms and by the white cars they drive with the decals “Public Safety” on the doors and a flashing yellow light atop the car.

We selected the maize and blue uniforms so that our Student Patrol would be easily recognizable while maintaining a professional, friendly and “Wolverine” appearance.  We also did not want our Student Patrol being mistaken as police officers. The majority of assignments are walking patrol beats inside our buildings, vehicle patrols in and around our major parking ramps and flat lots, and golf cart patrols. Look for the maize and blue golf carts marked “Public Safety” and you’ll find our Students Patrol reporting suspicious activities throughout the campus or giving a ride to a visitor from a parking lot to one of our main buildings here on campus or providing walking escorts from the outer parking lots to the residence halls during late night/early morning hours or just smiling and waving.  

While our Student Patrol program improves the safety of the campus community, it also is a tremendous opportunity for Student Patrol officers to gain leadership experience and to impact safety issues while acting as a connection between the DPS and UM-Flint community. 

DPS and the entire campus community values and respects the Student Patrol and their positive contribution to the quality of life here in Downtown Flint.