Ever been in an uncomfortable situation where, as a bystander, you wanted to help someone experiencing some level of verbal or physical abuse, but didn’t know the best way to do that?

The University of Michigan-Flint Department of Public Safety will hold a helpful training series beginning in Februaryto teach students and staff effective strategies they can use to de-escalate verbal and physical aggressive behavior that they may witness in their communities or on campus. The officer-led trainings are designed to enhance a diverse and inclusive community both on and off campus so that, rather than walking by or ignoring aggressive situations between individuals, a bystander feels equipped to intervene if possible.

Instead of being a bystander to these situations that may make us uncomfortable, we will be training people to be ‘upstanders’ by showing them proven tools to de-escalate a negative situation. 

Offered in partnership through DPS officers and the UM-Flint Social Work Department, the de-escalation training series is a great tool for those who want to be able to intervene effectively in aggressive situations, to better understand and respect one another, and to improve relationships on and off campus.

Those who register will learn tips to recognize biases and will be able to participate in simulation activities led by specifically-trained DPS officers who will also demonstrate useful defense tactics. The Individuals who complete all four trainings will receive a DPS certificate and a special pin.