The Departments of SEHS

SEHS comprises four distinct departments with one common mission: to provide the best educational experience possible for students. Start here to learn about all the options and opportunities that await SEHS students.

Center for Educator Preparation

Supporting future teachers is a critical component of the Education Department at UM-Flint. That is why we have a dedicated area designed to focus on the preparation of the next generation of teachers.

Early Childhood Development Center

Teaching the youngest learners as they begin their education journey matters. That’s why the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) is a place for students of all ages to come together to learn from each other.


Teaching is a calling, and at UM-Flint our education programs are designed to prepare students for the challenges and rewards of teaching and school administration.

Social Work

If you are interested in helping people, social work is a rewarding field that helps students to go to work for the common good.