Dear SEHS Students:

The School of Education and Human Services is committed to providing you with an excellent educational experience for Winter 2020 semester and beyond. We will continue to send you informational updates as well as share support resources during the time frame that we are operating virtually.

Here are answers to some questions that you might have:


How will I know about changes to my classes? 

Regularly check your UMich email and Blackboard. Your instructors are working to create new learning environments online. Stay up-to-date on changes to assignments and other expectations by regularly checking your email and logging into Blackboard. 

Contact your instructor if you have questions about an assignment or other class expectations. They are still available despite not having on-campus office hours. Many will be offering online office hours as well. Those will be communicated to you.


How will I know about changes to my field experiences?

The situation involving field has been evolving rapidly. For the most up-to-date information, please check your email for messages from Dr. Christine Kenney and Dr. Laura McLeman (for matters pertaining to Education field) or Ms. Kasie Nickel-White (for matters pertaining to Social Work internships). You can also contact them via email:


What if I don’t have internet service at home?

If access to technology is a challenge for you, please contact your instructors individually to discuss your concerns.


How can I reach the various departments within SEHS?

Each department currently has its own Shared Google Account. Please email the appropriate account listed below or call the department’s main office phone number and a staff member will get back to you within one business day:

(810) 766-6878

(810) 762-3260

(810) 762-3390

(810) 762-3257


What if I need to set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor?

Our academic advisors will be available via email, phone, and video meeting. Please send your advisor an email to ask questions or set up an appointment using your preferred mode of communication. If you are advised by a professor, you can also reach out to your faculty advisor via email.  

Education Advisor: Ms. Linda Blakey (

Social Work Advisor: Mr. Todd Womack (


How can I connect with the Center for Educator Preparation if I am an Education student?

The CEP will be open virtually from 8:30 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday. Their office email address is They are also available on Google Hangouts. You can email them with your interest in setting up a meeting and they will contact you using Google Hangouts.


How do I submit an academic petition?

The SEHS academic petitions are available online at and can be submitted virtually to Sarah Bennett at Instructors and advisors can email Sarah in place of a physical signature. 


I would like to elevate a question or concern about an SEHS course.

If you’ve talked with your instructor but still have questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate department chair


I have a question but I’m not sure where it should go. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the SEHS Dean’s Office at We are happy to assist you within one business day, Monday-Friday.

We care about your health and well-being and hope that you are able to stay safe and healthy during this time away from campus. Please continue to monitor the UM Flint website for updates and do not hesitate to contact either one of us if you have any questions or concerns


Dr. Bob Barnett, SEHS Dean (

Dr. Sapna Thwaite, SEHS Associate Dean and Interim Social Work Chair (