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Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office (FASCCO): For staff, faculty, and their immediate family members; provides short-term counseling, personalized coaching and educational presentations.
(734) 936-8660

Center for Gender and Sexuality: Provides resources for faculty, staff, and students.
(810) 237-6648

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Support Information for Supervisors and Managers
It is important for managers and supervisors to understand how to respond appropriately and provide assistance when an employee comes forward with information about sexual harassment or misconduct. The University of Michigan is committed to creating and sustaining a safe, harassment-free working and learning environment for all; providing an environment where harassment and misconduct is unacceptable, and all are treated with dignity and respect, no matter what role they fill within the organization. 

As a leader, one of your most important responsibilities is to be a steward of U-M’s desired culture.  You are pivotal in ensuring that U-M employees work in an environment that allows them to succeed in their work-life by bringing their complete skills to work, without the fear of sexual harassment.  

As an institution, U-M has a responsibility to equip supervisors/managers with the proper tools, information, and support in order to model and sustain a respectful community for all. 
U-M currently has interlacing policies and processes related to reporting of possible sexual harassment and misconduct.  These policies are under review to integrate and streamline them to maximize their alignment and clarity. In the interim, we wanted to acquaint you with our current guidance on how you can best fulfill your role as a supervisor/manager if you learn of a harassment concern relating to a staff or faculty member.

On February 18, 2019, the university began a pilot of a new sexual harassment educational module "Creating a Culture of Respect: Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Awareness." This training is required for all faculty and staff on all U-M campuses.

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