Reporting & Assistance

The UM-Flint community is encouraged to report potential sexual misconduct through the following channels. We are committed to providing safe ways for community members to report an incident. The staff of these offices are welcoming and sensitive to student, faculty, staff and community concerns. Resources are confidential where noted.

Please note: Under UM-Flint's Policy and Procedures on Student Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence, faculty and staff in certain roles are considered “Responsible Employees” and are required to share information about suspected misconduct involving students to the Institutional Equity Specialist.

213 University Pavilion
Phone: 810-237-6517
103 Hubbard Building, 602 Mill Street
Emergency Phone: 911
To report an incident or contact the department call 810-762-3333

Reporting Process

The university addresses every report that is brought to its attention. For cases that proceed to investigation, a written report is developed and provided to all parties who participate in the process. In the event that any corrective action or sanctions occur, the respondent may request a review of that action under the appropriate process.

When the respondent is a student, the process follows the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy (view a flowchart detailing the full investigation process). 

When the respondent is a faculty or staff member, the process follows the policies for faculty and staff under SPG 201.89-0 and 201.89-1 (view a flowchart detailing the full investigation process). 

You can find information about the university’s compliance hotline and other compliance-related information on the Ethics, Integrity and Compliance website.

Confidential Resources

Information about or assistance with sexual misconduct policy or support resources may be obtained from a variety of university resources. Prior to filing a report, some individuals may find it helpful to consult with a confidential resource. All information shared will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law and university policy. Discussions with representatives from these offices are not considered a formal report to the university and, without additional action, will not result in intervention.

For Students

For Faculty and Staff